As a fellow in recovery (though no AA) I really appreciate hearing your perspective. I live in New Haven, CT where there are larges number of POC yet there are almost never people of color in any of the 12 step meetings I go to, and I KNOW it's not because no POC's need recovery! I've thought often about what we can do to make our meetings more welcoming to people of color, but have no idea what to do. I know how to work toward bringing marginalized voices to the center outside of recovery (or at least I know of some ways to do that, and work on that).

As much as I believe in the Traditions, I've definitely seen them used to protect dysfunctional and abusive behavior by members, and I've also seen them violated regularly. The woman below who brought up Christianity is right - it is an outside issue yet many meetings end with the Lord's Prayer! I know AA has roots in the Oxford Movement which was Christian, but that's no excuse for continuing to use those prayers.

And speaking of that, I had no idea that there were Sobriety Circles held by First Nations people. Thanks for bring that, and all your other points into the light. I will follow up on the resources you provided.

Host of the podcast, “Fragmented to Whole: Life Lessons from 12 Step Recovery" who writes, speaks and coaches about healing & growth.

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